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The 'Fire' EP is Out At Midnight!

Aiming for iTunes chart success for the final time, MARKX releases the final EP from the element themed song collection on 29th June 2019. The 'Fire' EP is available to save and pre order from all major digital distributers - pre order your copy now here and help 'Fire' chart on iTunes chart!

Check out the 'Hold A Light' video here:

About the release MARKX adds:

"The songs are the most vulnerable and honest I've ever written. It's like facing all your demons head on. Pulling all of the painful things out of the box and looking at them all at once"

Check out the promo video for the collection below:

"Fire has been a long time coming, mainly because one of the tracks, 'Burn', had been placed on hold for a major artist for two years or so!"

The release will feature three brand new songs with contributions from fellow singer songwriters Beth Keeping and Carolyn Oakley (Jaayns) along with 'Burn', the first song to be written and released as a solo write for MARKX.

About 'Burn' MARKX adds:

"Burn was born out of a time where I wasn't sure whether I was going to pursue being an artist. I wanted just to write alone, more as therapy rather than with an output in mind. I believe it's one of the most honest songs I've ever written and the one I'm most proud of. As a song it was one of the first I'd had some real interest from - I was loathed to let go of it originally but I came up with the idea of delaying it until the final EP and possibly covering my own track!"

MARKX & Carolyn Oakley (co-writer)

The songs on the collection all fall comfortably into the folk pop/ singer songwriter genre and have received praise from head of BBC Radio 2/ 6 Music's Jeff Smith and BBC Sussex's Sarah Gorrell:

About the BBC Radio 2 connection:

"To receive such enthusiasm this early on in a project is incredible. My gut feeling has always been a folk pop sound and to have that validated my such a senior figure in the business is immense. I was waiting on tenterhooks once the 'Earth' EP tracks were submitted for the BBC Radio 2 playlisting meeting. I have my next shot with the 'Fire' EP - knowing in my heart these are some of my best work to date"

The EP is again produced, mixed and mastered by Michael Clarke (Sad Professors/ Martine McCutcheon band) with a vocal arrangement credit for Hati. With the collection of element themed EPs reaching their conclusion over the summer, MARKX will turn his attention to collecting all the songs which will feature on an album in the autumn. MARKX adds:

"It's another opportunity to promote the key songs in the collection whilst the next project is recorded. I'm still in complete shock I've managed 9 songs and 9 videos as I set myself an audacious goal to get some momentum going. I'll have time to revisit some of the songs over the summer as they are brought together with the album"

MARKX & Lauren Ray with 'Bonfire' co-writer Beth Keeping (right)

In terms of plans for the future. MARKX adds:

"The 'elements' album will be followed by a collection of brand new material. I'm mixing it up and using a crowdfunding style campaign for this next one. It will be organic instruments and a folk pop sound. I had the luxury of assembling a brand new team of writers for this one. I'd planned to spend the the summer writing for the next project. As it happened the songs ended up being written by spring so I'm raring to go in and record!"

MARKX, Lexi & Hati (vocal production)

MARKX & Michael Clarke (Producer)

The 'Fire' EP is available to save and pre order from all major digital distributers - pre order your copy now here and help 'Fire' chart on iTunes chart! The 'Fire' tracklisting is as follows:

1. 'Bonfire' - MARKX/ Keeping

2. 'Hold A Light' - MARKX/ Oakley

3. 'Burn' - MARKX


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