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'Sahara Sand' Enters Chart At #3

'Sahara Sand' has debuted in the Scottish Global New Music Chart at #3, receiving rave reviews from the judging panel and followers alike.

About the chart placement MARKX adds:

"The support I've had from the judges and followers has been amazing. It's an honour and privilege to be featured - I LOVE SCOTLAND."

Check out the video for the track below:

The song took a total of thirty minutes to write and was recorded within the hour!

About the song MARKX adds:

"I still can't believe it was written and recorded within 1 hour! It's one of my favourite songs of all time and shows what you can do with an hour left in the studio. It's really amazing to think what you can achieve in a small amount of time. As you know he wrote the song a few months back with songwriter (Hati) who bought the track to life"

MARKX in Morocco which inspired the piece!

'Laments' is available to stream and download from all major digital distributors here


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