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Placing Fools On Pedestals

If you can hear a strange dripping noise - it’s not British summertime in full flow. It’s actually the last few drops of my faith in humanity draining away. Why? Last week the tiny, lifeless body of a Syrian child was washed up on Turkish shores. At the same time social media reached fever pitch around the controversy at the VMA’s. Can anybody spot something not quite right there?

Whilst thousands of men, women and children fled their homeland to safety…somewhere across the Atlantic something else was happening. US presidential candidate, Kanye ‘Peabrain’ West (an egomaniac stoner) lights a spliff, in-front of heavily pregnant first-lady-to-be: Kim ‘Birdbrain’ Kardashian (a reality TV/pornstar). Errm…what?

Can somebody please explain to me who these morons are and why they are everywhere I look? Why exactly have people taken to worshiping an egomaniac and an irrelevant woman with a fat arse? It seems we have an unhealthy obsession with placing fools on pedestals.

It seems we are quite happy to take 5 minutes to sign a petition to deport big mouth Katie Hopkins - in exchange for Syrian refugees. Happy to take 5 minutes to ‘troll the troll’ but not so happy to use the time to understand what is ACTUALLY happening in Syria and why.

I have news for you. Kim K’s arse, along with Kanye’s head and Katie’s mouth will continue to grow larger by the day. Why? Because they are hungry for fame and power - and we are feeding them! We feed them whilst many others in the world will go to bed hungry and what’s worse - they might not wake up.

Whilst you slurp back on your extra large, extra skinny Starbucks and flick nonchalantly through your OK magazine - has it occurred to you that you are paying more tax because the corporate machine supplying your caffeine fix has manipulated the system to avoid paying tax? Does that make you even slightly angry?

If by some miracle the botox hasn’t already spread to your brain - please adjust your priorities. You were given a pair of eyes: if you can’t see - look harder. You were given a heart - use it to love unconditionally. If you don’t know the answers - ask the right questions. Please don’t spend your life in ignorance, trawling through selfies and pictures of people’s dinners. There’s a world out there - it’s falling apart and only you can save it.


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