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New Single 'Bonfire' coming 18th Sep

MARKX's second single 'Bonfire' is coming out Friday 18th September which you can now pre-save here. Until then you can watch the lyric video for the 'Laments' version of the song below.

MARKX co-wrote this song a couple of years ago with the lovely Beth Keeping. Originally the song title was going to be 'Black Gold' to signify something golden coming from disruption. The lyrics of the song beautifully reflect hard break ups and what good can come from them.

About the song MARKX adds:

'What was beautiful about it was how simple it was just saying you were going to light a bonfire'.

'Bonfire' will feature on the upcoming EP 'Spirit' due to release on the 11th of December.

About the new and exciting EP, MARKX adds:

'The new EP has some songs never heard before ... I see the EP as a bridge from my previous album 'Laments' into my new upcoming project in 2021.'

WOW! Some very exciting things coming our way! This is ever so important especially in the world we live in now as we find ourselves surviving through the Covid-19 pandemic. To have things to look forward to and goals to achieve is essential now more than ever.

About staying motivated during these crazy time, MARKX adds:

'One of the reasons I’ve managed to stay motivated during this time is that I’ve made such good use of the time I’ve had available – I’ve been studying marketing and learning a new instrument and have been getting into fitness with daily running and yoga. I’ve always had a drive to do something interesting and meaningful with my life so probably it just stems down to my stubbornness to accept my circumstances'.

Staying motivated and happy as we push through these challenging times is key. Is there something you could do that could make all this time isolated more enjoying like running, learning a new instrument, taking up a new hobby or working on your overall self-care?

From everyone at MARK's team we'd like to thank you and we all hope you are okay. Enjoy life as best as you can and don't forget to pre-save 'Bonfire' here.


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