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New EP Announcement

Work has now commenced on the follow up to MARKX 2019's 'Laments' album - a brand new untitled EP set for release in May 2020. About the upcoming release MARKX adds:

"I'm delighted to be working with the incredible Hattie Murdoch (HATI) on a new project that will run for the rest of the year. Since Laments came out I've been itching to get back into the studio and write some new material"

MARKX and Hati collaborated on several of the 'Laments' tracks including 'Sleeping With A Ghost', 'Sahara Sand', 'Dancing On My Grave' and 'Other Side Of The River'.

About the collaboration MARKX adds:

"I was keen to develop the sound for the new material and evolve as an artist and writer - so I'm delighted to have Hati on board who will produce the project this time around."

MARKX has been exploring the subject matter of mental health and speaking up about it in his new music. About the new songs MARKX adds:

"The new songs are all influenced by the struggles we we all face in life, be it love, grief or fear itself. I can't wait to let these out into the world!"

MARKX will be performing in Bristol at the Bernii Mac Agency 'Emerging' Showcase event alongside other artists including Poppy Loroe, Katie Sinclair, Lucy May Gibbs and Sandra Donald. He will be showcasing his hits from 'Laments' alongside an exclusive performance of his new material.

The Bernii Mac Agency 'Emerging' Showcase is held at The Thunderbolt starting at 6:30pm costing £5 entry.

You can find a link to the Facebook Event here.

'Laments' is available to stream and download from all major digital distributors here


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