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MARKX Launches YouTube Channel

In anticipation of his brand new upcoming VLOG series M-Talk, MARKX has hit 100 subscribers and has launched the MARKX MUSIC YouTube channel.

About the channel MARKX adds:

'It's notoriously hard to get your own channel on YouTube so to reach that milestone feels amazing! Music and mental health are so close to my heart and I've been desperate to get a platform to talk about the things and help others in the same boat'

MARKX has been busy recording content for the channel at home and the first VLOG is expected shortly.

About the content MARKX adds:

'It's been so cool to get my head around video production and editing during lockdown. I can't wait to share the content I've been working on and engage with new people all over the world!'

You can subscribe to to MARKX Music here where you can find all the VLOGS past and present along with music from his critically acclaimed album 'Laments'.


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