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Debut Album 'Laments' Out Now!

The debut album from MARKX 'Laments' is out now and available on all major digital retailers here:

About the release MARKX adds:

"I'm so excited to finally present the songs as complete body of work. I'm so proud to have seen the project through to the end without the backing of a major label"

The release date bears huge significance; marking the 6 years that have passed since turning his back on a corporate career to pursue his dream of being a full time singer/ songwriter. About the timing of the release MARKX adds:

"It's poetic timing and a wonderful way to celebrate being free from the constraints of corporate bullsh*t - long may it last!"

The 14 track album features all of the songs from the first 4 EPs along with two brand new tracks 'I'd Do It All Over Again' and 'Sahara Sand'. About the new songs MARKX adds:

"The beautiful thing about the news tracks are that they were the first and final songs written for the project. I love the way 'Sahara Sand' takes you off on a COMPLETELY different trajectory! What's insane about this song is that we wrote the song in just 30 minutes! The lyrics just poured out and it wrote itself"

The album has been a huge collaborative effort and includes writing credits for no less than 11 songwriters. The production, recording, mixing and mastering courtesy of Michael Clarke (The Sad Professors/ Martine McCutcheon Band).

"Michael perfectly brought 'Laments' to life and invested a lot of his blood and sweat into the project - hopefully no tears that I'm aware of. The songs carry his DNA and his musicality"

The album also boasts production, co-writing, arrangements and mixing credits from Hati:

"I want to extend a colossal thank you to Hati for bringing 'Sahara Sand' to life has well as saving the day with the vocal arrangements and recording of 'Bonfire' and 'Complete'. Towards the end of the EP recordings with Michael I lost my voice - Hati stepped in to save the day by recording these at the 11th hour in Newcastle between writing new material!"

MARKX & Hati (writing team behind 'Sahara Sand', 'Sleeping With A Ghost', 'Other Side Of The River' & 'Dancing On My Grave')

MARKX has been busy working on new material and is now applying for funding for the follow up to 'Laments'.

"It's such an exciting time for me - I'm ready for BBC Radio 2 now and know that the next batch of songs have got what it takes to sit alongside the likes of Hozier, Lewis Capaldi and Tom Grennan. Time to get back in the studio and making the goods!"

'Laments' is available from all major digital distributors here - the 'Laments' tracklisting is as follows:

1. 'Bonfire' - MARKX & Beth Keeping

2. 'Other Side Of The River' - MARKX & Hati

3. 'Complete' - MARKX, Matt Johnson & Simon Dorey

4. 'Holding On To Water' - MARKX & Charlie Turner

5. 'Burn' - MARKX

6. 'Sleeping With A Ghost' - MARKX & Hati

7. 'Paint Over The Walls' - MARKX & Sarah McClellan

8. 'Hold A Light' - MARKX & Carolyn Oakley

9. 'Dancing On My Grave' - MARKX, Hati & Bryony Dunn

10. 'Yours Sincerely' - MARKX, Michael Clarke & Nicki Kelly

11. 'Roads' - MARKX & Abi Murray

12. 'Helium Balloon - MARKX, Michael Clarke & Nicki Kelly

13. 'I'd Do It All Over Again' - MARKX, Michael Clarke & Nicki Kelly

14. 'Sahara Sand' - MARKX & Hati


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