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Heat FM New York Radio Interview

An interview with MARKX was broadcast on Elaine Lamb's Heat FM New York on Monday evening broadcasted to over 70k listeners worldwide (10th December 2019).

You can listen to the interview in full along with all three tracks from the 'Water' EP via Mixcloud (commencing at around 38 mins).

The interview covered multiple discussion points including mental health, the writing and recording of the 'Water' EP and the forthcoming release of the 'Air' EP in January.

About the opportunity MARKX adds:

"It was a cold and wet Wednesday last week when the interview took place - I was sat in my cosy home office, wrapped in a blanket and hot water bottle with the seagulls screaming out in the background. It's funny to think of Elaine the opposite end of the country in the Highlands of Scotland and then 70K people tuning in all over the world - it really is a small world!"

About the interview Elaine Lamb said:

"MARKX is a lovely, lovely young man and an amazingly talented songwriter".

Don't miss out on the interview in full via Mixcloud!


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