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EP Recordings Complete

Work is now complete on 12 brand new MARKX songs!

The tracks form a collection of 4 EPs that will be released over the next 6 months. The self-penned collection has been co-written and produced by Michael Clarke (Martine McCutcheon The Sad Professors/ David Brent Band) featuring contributions from the following songwriters:

Carolyn Stringer, Abi Murray, Nicki Kelly, Michael Clarke, Beth Keeping, Charlie Turner, Hattie Murdoch, Matt Johnson, Simon Dorey, Michael Clarke, Sarah Mclellan and Bryony Dunn

About the project MARKX says:

"The last two and half years have been an adventure! I wanted to really be able to stand on my own two feet and know what I'm about as an artist.

My sound has evolved throughout the writing and recording process. Life has got in the way a few times but I couldn't be more proud of this project and feel there's a lot more to come!

The first EP 'Water' will be released in October 2018 through MARKX Music.

EP Recordings Complete


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