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'Bonfire' Receives Rave Reviews

'Bonfire' has received a stellar write up from renowned music blog About The Noise following its release on 18th September.

About The Noise adds:"Incredible singer.. 'Bonfire' showcases MARKX's insane vocals."

In this exclusive interview he lifts the lid on the 'Spirit' EP and the difficulties he's faced during lockdown - MARKX adds:

"I have to be honest and say it has been a struggle the last couple of months mentally and emotionally. This time around I’ve decided not to overly produce the songs, to go for a much more stripped back and organic sound. I see the EP as a bridge from my previous album ‘Laments’ into my upcoming project in 2021. There are some very sentimental songs to follow the first two singles – I’ve worked with some brand new writers and a new producer this time around so I’m very excited to see how these are received!"

You can download and stream 'Bonfire' on all major digital platforms here.

To read the interview in full here.

You can find check out the official video for 'Bonfire' below:


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