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BBC Radio On Board!

MARKX has been put forward for playlisting and spot plays on BBC Radio 2. The news follows 'Other Side Of The River' being selected as BBC Sussex & Surrey's Track Of The Day in April. About the news MARKX adds:

"Two big major developments came in such quick succession! Sometimes you can be hustling away for months and then all of a sudden - a breakthrough! It's exciting and truly terrifying at the same time! It makes a huge difference having people championing you at the other end!"

BBC Sussex/ Surrey presenter, Sarah Gorrell, has since been in contact to say she loved the track and will play the songs again. About the high profile support MARKX adds:

"It's both wonderfully exciting and truly terrifying! Obviously you never get over the fear of rejection, you just learn to have a different relationship with it! It's a sensitive subject having had my confidence knocked by people I had looked up to in the business. It really does mean something though when you have the head of BBC Radio 2/ 6 Music in your corner and presenters taking the time to drop you an email"

Following the release of the final element EP "Fire" in May, the project will be concluded with an album featuring all the tracks. MARKX adds:

"It's another opportunity to promote the key songs in the collection whilst the next project is recorded. The next thing is to take my songs out on the road. I'm painfully aware with promoting the tracks I've ended up a keyboard warrior! When I set myself the outrageous goal to release 4 EPs over 8 months it was always going to be tight in terms of time. For me it has all been about gaining momentum after a long break as an artist"

In terms of plans for the future. MARKX adds:

"The 'elements' album will be followed by a collection of brand new material. I'm mixing it up and using a crowdfunding style campaign for this next one. It will be organic instruments and a folk pop sound. I had the luxury of assembling a brand new team of writers for this one. I'd planned to spend the the summer writing for the next project. As it happened the songs ended up being written by spring so I'm raring to go in and record!"

MARKX has also been working with fellow singer songwriter, Sam Dickinson, on new material he adds:

"Sam has been a joy to work with. The track is we've written for him is really special, it really does have legs. It's nice to mix it up and work with other artists. The whole industry model has changed significantly and you have to evolve and change to survive the most competitive industry on the planet. That means diversifying your writing to stay relevant"

The first 3 EP's 'Water', 'Air' and 'Earth' are all available in all major digital stores with 'Fire' scheduled for release in late May.


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