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'Air' EP Recieves Rave Reviews!

A write up about the recently released 'Air' EP has been published by top online blog: Talk About Pop Music. Talk About Pop Music features news, views and reviews on all types of music past, present and future.

About the review MARKX adds:

"The team at Talk About Pop Music have been so incredibly supportive with both the 'Water' and 'Air' releases. As an independent artist I rely on independent blogs to help me reach new followers and help get my music out there"

About the connection to Talk About Pop Music:

"I was introduced to Christopher Smith via an exciting new artist I'll be writing with, Sam Dickinson - it's so great to be part of this independent creative eco-system and I love how everyone rallies around and supports each other"

You can check out the Talk About Pop Music review in full here:

"Air" is now available to download on iTunes here.

You can save 'Air' on Spotify and Apple Music for streaming here


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