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'Water' EP Coming October 2018

3 brand new MARKX songs will be available to stream and download from October 2018.

The self penned collection entitled 'Water' has been co-written and produced with Michael Clarke (The Sad Professors/ Martine Mccutcheon/ David Brent Band) and features contributions from upcoming songwriters Nikki Kelly, Charlie Turner and HATI.

About the songs MARKX says:

"There's a theme of love, life, laughter and loss throughout the collection of releases. They're all based on real life experience and the EP is a bit like a time machine.

Essentially, I took out 3 years and worked with a multitude of writers, both new and established - trying to uncover what my sound was. Having been working for artists for the past 5 years I had lost my way a bit. I knew I wanted to be true to the singer/songwriter style. I knew from the offset I wanted a more Radio 2 sound rather than Radio 1.

I had been really inspired by artists like Jack Savoretti, Tom Odell and storytellers like Sheryl Crow. I knew I wanted a rich, organic pallet of traditional instruments and not stray too far from a live sound. It was important for the songs to sound modern too and take the listeners on a journey, so we experimented with some electronic sounds too.

It has been 7 years since I released anything and in that time my voice has changed vastly: I've developed a truckload of life experience and you can hear the grit! Most of that time had been spent travelling the world, learning more about the way it works and experiencing all the usual suspects of life, love, laughter and loss.

A couple of years back I had reached a crossroads as a songwriter: I'd received some pretty painful comments from people in the music industry either about my voice or my chances as an older artist. It seems I'd reached a point where songwriting became a tick box exercise - it really did feel like holding back a river at times (no pun intended).

I'm thoroughly proud of all of the songs from the collection and it really does feel like the start of something really special. The fact they are mastered and ready for release is testament that I didn't give up on my dream and what I love for the sake of making people happy.

'Water' EP will be available to stream and download from all major digital retailers in October 2018.

Water EP Will Be Released October 2018


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