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Verdict In From BBC Radio 2 Boss!

Head of BBC Radio 2/ 6 Music, Jeff Smith, has given a positive verdict on 'Other Side Of The River'.

Although the track hasn't made it onto the BBC Radio 2 playlist, the response has been incredible. About the track Jeff Smith adds:

"I’m impressed by your vocal quality and the production of the track sounds quite good too.

You are competing in quite a strong field of good contemporary male vocalists for airplay at the moment ie Tom Grennan, Tom Walker, Dean Lewis, Hozier etc so the song will be really important. I think if you are looking for airplay you will need a better song to punch through.

I’d be happy to listen to future tracks from you though as I think you have potential for wider support"

In response to the feedback MARKX adds:

"I'm absolutely bowled with Jeff's comments today! I'm so proud to be finally taken seriously as a credible artist in my own right. And to have the top man in UK music listening to my songs is a dream come true here. I will sleep happy tonight! Let's wait and see what he says when he hears the new stuff!"

"Other Side Of The River" appears on the 'Water" EP available, to be released on 19th November 2018 and available to pre order here.


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