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Radio Interview - Solihull Radio

On Monday evening MARKX was interviewed by DJ Rory James, of Solihull Radio - sharing the same lineup as Sting's producer, Kipper.

The candid discussion was centred around life in lockdown, inspiration and the new EP - 'Spirit' scheduled for release in January 2021.

In case you missed it you can check out the interview in full here:

You can also check out the video for 'For A Little While' here:

About the interview, MARKX adds:

"I love working with Rory and we've worked together on some brand new material for release next year. It's great to be able to support his amazing show and even better to be able to to an interview at home in your comfy clothes during lockdown!"

'For A Little While' is out now and available through all major digital stores now here.


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