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Well..I'm back from a truly life changing retreat in the Andalusian mountains with 35 other amazing songwriters. I'd love to be able to put it into words for non-music makers.. about how you spend 24 hours a day immersed and unapologetically indulged in what you love, around wonderful people who REALLY get you... but there really are no words.. I'll let the pictures do the talking.

I've always said home is where you lay your head and it's true, I'm at my happiest when I'm on my feet, carrying my home on my back like a tortoise. Since I got back I feel each day I'm getting more and more comfortable in my own skin.. even if I left a massive piece of my heart in Andalusia..

And yes it did feel a bit like a crash landing when you take into account some of the horrific things that took place in the UK in my absence. Those affected at home and beyond have been in my thoughts and prayers.. which is something when you consider I'm not a religious person.

My feet have barely hit the ground and I'm now gearing up for an artist showcase at The Piano Works in London on 13th June! It's a high profile opportunity to show off some of these songs I've been crafting over the past 6 months and beyond - so I'd love it if you'd be my guest at the show!

I'm also elated that my second song cut of the year "Lost" has recently been released by Jaayns and Matt Johnson "Warplane" has now hit over 63,000 streams - AMAZING!

Pretty much all of my time these days is spent with my backpack on my back, writing, practising, studying.. still I'd take that any day than being trapped in a soul crushing corporate job again!!

So much to look forward to in the coming weeks: lots of gigs, off to Birmingham to finish my EP, back to Andalusia in September and another writing camp planned for October!

I do still wake up every day and pinch my arm that this is my life now. I always make time to smell and taste the coffee, take the time to be grateful for the little things in life.. after all you only get one go at it right?


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