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Exclusive Interview with MARKX!

MARKX's debut single 'Dancing On My Grave' is out now and available through all major digital stores now here.

Since releasing his new lockdown single, MARKX sat down with interviewer Amy from Encore Magazine to discuss the writing process and lyrical meaning behind 'Dancing On My Grave'. You can view it in full here.

The interview reflected MARKX's lovable personality greatly and shed light on the behind the scenes of how he likes to write.

'Most of the songs I write have a message and provide a ‘resolution’ but purposely this one was left hanging. I think it’s important to acknowledge the fact that some things are never resolved and the frustration that can follow loss.'

He talks about why he took a different approach with this song and how 'swiftly - within a couple of hours' the song came together.

MARKX also shared his future plans including a brand new EP in the works and how he's looking into performing gigs again when it is safe to do so.

About the write up MARKX adds:

'It was so much fun talking to Amy about the story behind the 'Spirit' EP and how it all came together. The questions were all thought provoking and I think it reveals all the magic that goes on behind the scenes in making an EP.'

So to get the latest gossip, check out the interview with Encore Magazine here.


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