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'Earth' EP Out Monday/ BBC Radio 2

The third MARKX EP 'Earth' will be available to download and stream on Monday 18th March 2019 from all major digital distributers... along with the very news that the songs have been selected for playlisting on BBC Radio 2! The 'Earth' EP is available to pre order from all major digital distributers here.

About the news MARKX adds:

"It's a dream come true for me to be even in dialogue with Radio 2 let alone being considered for playlisting! Having had such encouraging feedback from head of BBC Radio 2 Jeff Smith"

In keeping with the EP title the songs have reverted to a more organic sound with the theme of moving on and reflecting back. About the EP MARKX adds:

"I've spent four years developing my sound as an artist. I've dabbled with an electronic sound which served some of the 'Air' and 'Water' tracks well. It feels right to embrace the singer/songwriter label now and go back to a more organic sound for 'Earth'.

The EP is again produced by Michael Clarke (Martine Mccutcheon/ Sad Professors) with a co-production/ arrangement/ writing contribution from Hati and features writing contributions from Sarah Mcclellan, Bryony Dunn and Abi Murray. About the co-writers of The Earth EP:

"I've been thoroughly spoilt in terms of working with new talent on this EP. All co-writers for this project are singer/songwriters in their own right and some of my favourite people in the world. It's testament to the friendships with the writers that we were able to go to that place emotionally and stay there"

The 'Earth' EP is the third instalment from a series of four EPs themed around elements, with the 'Fire' EP scheduled to land in May 2019. About the project MARKX adds:

"In December 2017 I set a truly audacious goal to release four EPs over eight months, creating a video for each of the tracks and to put myself out there as an artist finally! So far it's exceeded any expectations I've had with the iTunes chart placement, Scottish Global Music Cart #3 and Radio 2 opportunity"

Despite the relative success of the project so far, MARKX has taken a lot of learnings from the experience:

"Ideally I would have taken more time to promote the tracks before moving onto the next EP, that said, my goal was to get some momentum going and grow my confidence after being out of the game for such a long time. I would have liked to have done some more live shows along the way - it's a balancing act of ensuring the momentum on the releases is sustained. I've needed to be mindful of being able to ensure funding the project too around freelance work. Everything I've done so far has been 'on my feet' and I've had to learn as I go. I think for someone like me (who over analyses EVERYTHING) that's the best way to approach things. I have no plans to rest on my laurels, writing has commenced on the next project which I hope to launch later in 2019!"

'Earth' EP Tracklisting:

1. Paint Over The Walls (MARKX & Mclellan)

2. Dancing On My Grave (MARKX, Murdoch & Dunn)

3. Roads (MARKX & Murray)

The 'Earth' EP is available to pre order from all major digital distributers here.


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